Hi, I’m Marion.  The Kids just out the house – I finally got the time to write about some of the most beautiful places in the world that I had been able to visit (and more to come). Check out the “destinations and recipies”! Recipies? Yes – eating out being a considerable fun part of travelling.


…has been a terrible year – almost 2 million deaths associated to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and it is still not over right now (January 2021). We all look forward to getting the vaccination and a kind of normal life back. Travelling has not been easy in 2020, but we were lucky to squeeze in some trips during the small time slots when infection numbers were quite low in some parts of the world. We went to Iceland at the beginning of July 2020, to Brittany at the end of August, and to Madeira in October. All trips took place under Covid-19 safety measures like getting tested at arrival and wearing face masks whenever meeting other people. Under these conditions, we were able to avoid an infection so far.

However, the Pandemic has shown that we can live without a lot of (ecologically unfavorable) travelling. Personally I will reduce my “leisure travelling”, particularly those with long distance flights. It is my aim to find a good relationship between the passion for travelling and the responsibility for our climate. This ambition will not come easy, as travelling is my passion for as long as I can remember, meaning for more than 50 years. Grown up in the 70ies in Germany, travelling the world was not really top of the people’s “to do” list. But we travelled to the Mediterranean and the Canary islands during my childhood. And I LOVED it. And will certainly not give it up in the future. But I will try to travel in a responsible way, see below. 

In this Blog I would like to share with you…

destinations: places, beaches, restaurants to discover,  things to do and – last but not least – my favorite recipes related to the different destinations. It might be some traditional dish or a drink. In any case, it’s something that we had enjoyed during the respective trip and we hope you’ll enjoy too, and I would be happy if you comment on the Posts and/or the recipes and share some experiences as well!

Travelling and Sustainability

Of course, travelling and taking care about sustainability is a bit contradictory. However, there are some things you can consider in order to reduce your CO2 footstep (please see the respective FAQ section). This is important! If I learned anything from traveling and staying abroad, it is that we’ve got only this one earth, and we have to take care to protect it as it is. If you have been to the Maldives or any of the Atolls in the South Seas, you know that they cannot afford any rise of sea Levels – they will just be gone. And that’s only one aspect of climate Change. So, let’s try our best to preserve this beautiful world.

 I like to travel for fun, not for Money

As mentioned above: earning Money with this Blog is not my aim. That’s why you will not find sponsored content in the posts. I pay for everything by myself – no sponsored trips. I do not take any freebies in exchange for recommendations. All my recommendations come from my heart – I only recommend when I’m really excited about the Destination, the Hotel, the restaurant or whatever. Same is true for slatings: if I really suffered through bad experiences, I find it worth telling so you can try to avoid it. A final word about this Website and Business: I do include links and references, and I do participate in some affiliate programs (see the “privacy policy-disclaimer page) . But – as mentioned – only for the things I like to recommed.

Having mentioned this, please enjoy, have fun and use my experiences to make your own!