• Hong Kong, view from the Peak

    Hong Kong

  • New York by night

    New York by Night

  • Sydney, Opera House

  • Venice

    Venice, Italy

You’ve got just a few hours – maybe a day – to discover a new destination? Here’s the page for you! “The perfect day in…” will provide information about THE things to see and do in a day in the most popular cities.

Being in a place for business and having just a few free hours?

How to catch the local spirit despite the time constraints? On these web pages you will find the essentials for this precious little time. Starting with a breakfast and ending with the night life. And in between the places to catch the spirit during “the perfect day in…”

Of course, tastes differ! Nevertheless, there are some attractions in every city that appear in every travel guide, and – often – rightly so! Because these sights concentrate the spirit (or a special facet of it) of a place, a city, a region in a way that makes it accessible to you at first sight. On this website, we arrange these special sights and attractions in schedule that enables you to visit them in a day. Or at least part of it in just a few hours. To give you “the taste” – and maybe you’ll come back another time. As there’s certainly a lot more to see!

For the time being…a little patience, please!

This page is under construction, but will soon feature many of the most visited cities or regions worldwide – see the preliminary list (in alphabetical order) below. If there’s a picture, then there’s already a page.  Just click on the name of the city!

City / Region Country Link
Auckland New Zealand  
Bangkok Thailand  
Barcelona Spain  


Bled Slovenia  
Brisbane Australia  
Bruges Belgium  
Brussels Belgium  

Hong Kong



London United Kingdom  

Los Angeles

United States of America
Madrid Spain  
Melbourne Australia  
New York United States of America  
Nice France  
Oslo Norway  
Palma de Mallorca Spain  
Paris France  
Perth Australia  


San Francisco United States of America  
Stockholm Sweden  
Sydney Australia  
Tokyo Japan  


Vienna Austria  
Zanzibar / Stone Town Tanzania  
Zurich Switzerland  
…and many more    


As I’m working part-time on this website, it may take some time to complete the respective pages. And the list will continuously be extended. Guest contributions are welcome!

Venice street cafe