Hi, I’m Marion- a part-time, but enthusiastic traveller.  I finally got the time to write about some of the most beautiful places in the world that I had been able to visit (and more to come). Check out the “destinations and recipies”!

You can check out the interactive map showing the destinations that I visited. Enlarge the map and click on a destination mark. If there’s already a post for this destination, the link appears under the name…

…or check the table below, listing the destinations that I visited in alphabetical order, and the related recipies. Click the Pictures – they are already linked to the respective Post. The ones without picture are not yet ready, but will follow – hopefully – soon!

Location Month of travel click on the Picture to go to the destination’s post My favorite Recipe (at the bottom of the respective post)
Arusha National Park, Tanzania 01/2019 Giraffe  
Arusha National Park, Ngurdoto Crater and Tululusia Waterfall, Tanzania 01/2019 Waterfall in the Arusha NP  
Australia, part 1: Brisbane to Sydney 01-02/2017 Wild Mushroom Risotto with Assorted Mushrooms, Parmesan & Truffle Oil
Australia, part 2: Sydney to Melbourne 02/2017 Scones with clotted cream and jam
Australia, part 3: Melbourne to Fraser Range 02/2017 Pizza “Tandoori Chicken”
Australia, part 4: Fraser Range to Perth 02-03/2017 Scallopine al Limone
Bangkok, Thailand 07/2013  
Berlin, Germany 10/2015 Brandenburg Gate Panorama  
Bled, Slovenia 11/2018 Idrian Zlikofi
Borkum, Germany 04/2014
coming soon  
Brisbane, Australia 01/2017 Wild Mushroom Risotto with Assorted Mushrooms, Parmesan & Truffle Oil
Brittany, France 08/2020 Galettes Bretonnes (buckwheat crepes)
Bruges, Belgium 05/2014  
Concarneau, France 07/2014 coming soon  
Corsica, France 06/2015 coming soon  
Dublin, Ireland 03/2013 coming soon  
Fihalhohi, Maldives 06/2008 Beach on Fihalhohi Island, Maldives  
Fuerteventura, Spain 10/2011 desert on Fuerteventura Escaldón de Gofio and Gofio with Honey
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 05-06/2019 Knuckling of Porc with Bread Dumplings
Hatari Lodge, Tanzania 02/2019 Hatari Lodge  
Hong Kong, China 02/2009 view from Peak  
Iceland, Laugarvatn area (Day 1) 06/2019  
Iceland, Golden Circle (Day 2) 06/2019  
Iceland, South Coast (Day 3) 06/2019  
Iceland, East Coast and Myvatn Region (Day 4) 06/2019  
Iceland, Whales and Puffins at Husavik (Day 5) 06/2019  
Iceland, Kirkjefell Mountain on Snaefellsnes (Day 6) 06/2019  
Istanbul 04/2011
Blue Mosque Börek with Spinach and Feta
Italy 07/2010 coming soon  
Juelich 04/2019 Witch Tower Roast Christmas-Goose á la Marion
Kerala, India 11/2015 coming soon  
Klaserie Nature Reserve, South Africa 02/2014 coming soon  
Koh Phangan, Thailand 07/2013 coming soon  
Koh Samui, Thailand 07/2013 coming soon  
Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania 01/2019 cranes at lake Manyarane  
Las Vegas, USA 07/2012 Caesar’s Salad
Los Angeles, USA 07/2012 Venice Beach  
Lisbon, Portugal 10/2009 coming soon  
Los Angeles, USA 07/2012  
Madeira – Part 1 10/2020 Poncha
Madeira – Part 2 10/2020 Picada Traditional
Madeira – Part 3 10/2020  
Madrid, Spain 06/2007  
Malta 05/2017 coming soon  
Malaga, Spain 06/2019 Patatas Bravas with Brava and Aioli Sauce
Marrakesh, Marocco 05/2015 coming soon  
Melbourne, Australia 02/2017  
Meran, Italy 06/2014 coming soon  
Muenster, Germany 09/2015 coming soon  
Naxos, Greece 09/2018 Crispy Glazed Pork Belly
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany 05/2019 Spinach Dumplings
New York, USA 07/2012 Sloppy Joes
New Zealand 02/2011 coming soon  
Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania 01/2019 Hippo Pool  
Nice, France 05/2015 coming soon  
Oahu, Hawaii, USA 07/2012 Hawaii, Oahu Hawaiian Lau Lau Pork
Palma de Mallorca, Spain 05/2016 coming soon  
Paros, Greece 09/2018 Crispy Feta Fingers
Pecs, Hungary 04/2010 coming soon  
Perth, Australia 03/2017 Perth by night Scallopine al Limone
Porto, Portugal 02/2020 Pastéis de Chaves
Portugal, Algarve 07/2009 coming soon  
Riga, Latvia 09/2015 coming soon  
Rome, Italy 10/2017 St Peter's Square Tonarelli Cacio e Pepe
Ronda, Spain 09/2017 coming soon  
Santorini, Greece 09/2018 Santorini, Oia Classical Tzatziki
Seville, Spain 05/2018 coming soon  
Shu’Mata Camp, Tanzania 01/2019 giraffe family  
Silesia, Poland 05/2016 coming soon  
Strasbourg, France 07/2016 coming soon  
Sydney, Australia 02/2017 Sydney Opera House  
Tanzania Safari and Beach – organizing tips 02/2019 Tanzania Safari and Beach  
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania 01/2019 elephant in Tarangire NP Avocado-Mango-Green Salad
Tenerife, Spain – North Coast 01/2018 Teide Papas arrugadas and mojo with Gofio and Queso asado
Tenerife, Spain – West Coast 01/2018 Los Gigantes Cliffs Orange Chicken
Thassos, Greece 07/2007 coming soon  
Tokio, Japan 01/2011 coming soon  
Velidhu, Maldives 07/2015 surgeonfish and parrotfish  
Venice, Italy 02/2018; 05 + 09/2014 Venice view  
Vienna, Austria 07/2018 Tafelspitz
Vilnius, Lithuania 02/04/06/2018 Kepta Duona – fried dark Bread
Voelklingen, Germany 06/2015 Völklinger Hütte World Cultural Heritage site Pumpkin Soup
West Coast, Australia 02/2017 kangaroo at the beach Scallopine al Limone
Western National Parks, USA, part 1 07/2012 Antelope Canyon rock formations Caesar’s Salad
Western National Parks, USA, part 2 07/2012 tree at Mariposa Grove Wild Wild West Burger
West Coast, USA 07/2012 jellyfish at Monterey Aquarium Prime Rib