Santorini – one of my long time „must-see“s, and finally I made it!

Certainly everybody knows the pictures of blue infinity pools, merging with the blue Mediterranean sea hundreds of meters below and the blue sky above. And yes, Santorini is a magic place, despite the millions of tourists…


Destination Santorini, Greece
How I got there Eurowings; return flight from Cologne/Bonn
Seajets ferry from Naxos (more expensive than Blue Star ferries, but for us the more conventient departure time)
Where I stayed Hotel Prekas Apartment,
Restaurants Restaurant Onar in Firostefani,
Restaurant Pelekanos in Oia,
Things to do
  • Climbing up (and down) the Skaros Rock
  • Squeezing into the bulk of tourists in Oia
  • Watching great sunsets
  • Swimming in a pool while viewing the ocean hundreds of meters below

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Recommendations in a nutshell Don’t stay too long, give some other islands a try. Island hopping in the Cyclades is very easy; there are several ferries every day forth and back the bigger Islands.
Recipe Classical Tzatziki (see at the bottom of the post)

Santorini – one of my long time „must-see“s, and finally I made it!

Certainly everybody knows the pictures of blue infinity pools, merging with the blue Mediterranean sea hundreds of meters below and the blue sky above. So I decided: when going to Santorini, it must be this view, regardless the costs.

Prekas Apartment

After a fair amount of research I came up with a very nice AND reasonably priced hotel in Imerovigli: the “Prekas Apartment” hotel, a 3 star hotel with a gorgeous view. I booked via Expedia, 160 Euro per night for the “Triple traditional apartment” (everything with “caldera view” below 200 Euro is a good price!). And it turned out to be a good choice.

It’s got 2 rooms: a kitchen-living room and a large bedroom without windows (which is OK, as the whole apartment is a kind of cave, the bedroom being the inner part of the cave). Interesting! The bathroom was OK, but pretty old and could do with some renovation.

the best part: the terrace with “the view”

Directly in front of the room the main footpath crosses, and behind that was our (really wonderful, huge) roof terrace. Two sunbeds and a table for 3, perfect! The other hotel rooms (smaller and with smaller balconies, although with the same magnificent view) were located in 4 floors below our terrace, and on the bottom floor there’s finally the pool with the view; not “infitity”, but still quite nice. And here it is, the view:

Prekas Apartment – View from the Roof terrace

Sunset in Oia

We spent 2 days and nights on Santorini, so there was not enough time to explore the entire island. We focused on the most obvious places to see, like the sunset in Oia (according to tripadvisor, obviously everybody goes there to see it). Which was nice, but to be honest: the sunset view from the “Prekas Apartment” was better.

From Oia, you will see the sun going down in the sea, having the caldera of Santorini in your back. From Imerovigli and Firostefani you will see the sunset with the entire caldera in front of you – I liked it much better! But compare yourself:

Sunset view from Oia

Sunset view in Firostefani

Determined to basically stay the whole day at the pool, I was reluctant to leave for any – even small – excursion, but finally I agreed to join in the five minute walk to the famous

Skaros Rock:



View of Skaros Rock and Caldera

It’s quite an impressive rocky peninsula, on top a huge rock that can be climbed – I had a look and decided that going up was OK, but the return looked scary. Skaros used to harbor a medieval fortress (which has more or less completely disappeared), but a bit further down there’s still the lovely, remote chapel Theoskepasti, and that is definitely worth the walk. Look at these pictures:

Skaros from above

Theoskepasti Chapel

View from the Chapel

Getting the perfect view

To secure dining tables with the perfect view, I reserved them 3 months ahead (which was probably VERY early, but I got the tables I wanted). The restaurant we liked most was the “Onar” in Firostefani (, but the “Pelekanos” in Oia ( was nice as well.

After all, the Caldera is a must-see, a very unique place, but 2-3 days might be sufficient. Santorini is a real tourist hotspot and – for my feeling – too crowded, even in September.

My Santorini Recipe: Classical Tzatziki

Ingredients for a starter (4 persons)

  • 500 g Greek Yoghurt (10% fat content)
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1-2 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Black ground pepper
  • 1-2 tablespoons fresh dill
  • 1 small cucumber, grated and drained

Mix all ingredients and keep in the fridge at least 6 hours before serving. Serve with fresh baked, crispy baguette.


Greetings from Santorini

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